Safety at sea

Did you know that ships also receive approval marks? How does a ship actually become seaworthy? The exhibition Waterproof is about class offices. They check from ship’s drawing until the test run if ships are safe. Of course, a lot of paperwork is involved here: cabinets and books full of drawings, checklists, rules and other forms.

A lot of the rules were created by new innovations: the Titanic disaster caused more rescue boats on cruise ships, oil spills for double-hulled ships and the Chinese mitten crab (which, in The Netherlands, we  only want to see at the zoo) for ballast water purification systems.

Marleen Bos and I designed the ‘Waterproof, Safety at Sea’ exhibition commissioned by the Maritime Museum Rotterdam. Marleen took care of the spatial design and I created all the graphics in this exhibition. The photography of this exhibition is also done by me.

Commissioned by
Marleen Bos