Immerse people in the essence of your story and make an impact; how do you do that?

This is exactly what I do; creating a total experience of your message.

My work tells stories, it gives you an experience. This experience can be seen in the form of exhibitions, museums, experience centres, magazines, corporate identities, campaigns and much more.

As a graphic designer I work closely with various clients and teams with whom we create concepts, make designs and bring them to realization. My network includes spatial designers, content developers, photographers, filmmakers, interior and exhibition builders, project managers and many more disciplines.

Through years of experience I have learned to work together with the client to get to the essence of the message and then to convert it into an understandable visual language. A specialization of mine is environmental graphics: For me it is self-evident to think big: I easily make visualizations in A4 format or on a wall of 30 meters long and 5 meters high. I have gained my experience as an employee at Tinker imagineers and the DST Experience Agency. I was trained at the Design Academy in Eindhoven.

Contact me to create beautiful new stories that make a lasting impact.

In addition to my graphic work, I also take photographs. My photography can be viewed at

Some of the companies with whom I was able to develop great projects: